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KS17-17 Mobile air compressor


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Features of mobile air compressors:
The medium and high wind pressure diesel mobile high pressure unit has the characteristics of small size, flexible movement, simple operation, low maintenance cost and high cost performance.
TEWATT of the United States provides single and double-stage compression screw airends, a modern design combining tradition and technology.
Always meet the use requirements of various harsh environments such as high temperature, high cold, high dust, and high altitude.
It is especially suitable for industrial applications such as mine blasting, hydropower station construction, infrastructure construction, and non-excavation down-the-hole drilling.

Model KS17-17

Compression levels: double Displacement

volume (m³/min): 17

Exhaust pressure (bar): 17

Screw oil (L): 60

Diesel engine: DCEC Dongkang engine

Manufacturer/Model: QSB5.9-C210-30

Power (HP/KW): 210/154

Rated speed/idle speed (rpm): 2100/1350

Number of cylinders: 6 Bore (mm): 102

Stroke (mm): 120

Total displacement (L): 5.9

Emission level: National 3 emission standard

Battery voltage (V): 24

Fuel tank capacity (L): 225

Interface size*quantity: G3/4”*1, G2”*1

Skid style: Weight (KG): 2800

Dimensions (mm): 2740*1550*1900

Mobile style: Wheel

Size*Quantity: 235/80R16

Weight (KG): 3000

Dimensions (mm): 3920*2050*2250

Noise (dBA): 76±3

Working environment temperature (°C): -15°C-50°C



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