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KS168 Crawler DTH drilling rig


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1.  Product Features


(1) Use a rationally designed and innovative crawler-type hydraulic down-the-hole drilling rig with a simple design, and it is used in conjunction with a two-stage screw-type high-pressure air compressor, which is more economical.


(2) The structure is simple and compact, and the fuel consumption is low.  During maintenance and repair, there is no need to climb up and down, which is convenient and safe.


(3) Applicable to quarries, limestone mines and open-pit mines, building foundation excavation, rock drilling operations in water conservancy, power station, construction, transportation and construction projects, etc., to provide you with a set of safe and effective large aperture solution.


(4) Powerful and excellent performance:


1.  Two sets of walking positioning control panels;


2.  Reliable and simple hydraulic system;


3.  Clean working environment;


4.  High torque rotary motor;


5.  Integrated operation panel with reasonable layout;


6.  Two-stage dry dust collection device;


7.  Powerful hydraulic traveling mechanism;


8.  Walking control system with humanized design;


9.  Low fuel consumption;


10.  Superior performance;


11.  High-strength propulsion beam and high-torque swivel head;


12.  Convenient operation;


2.  Product advantages


Powerful travel motor, flexible mobility, high climbing ability

The compact design of crawler-type hydraulic down-the-hole drilling rig, its safe, flexible, stable chassis frame, powerful travel motor and suspension crawler ensure flexible mobility, high climbing ability and is very unique among drilling rigs of the same level.  outstanding.


3.  After-sales service


Kongshan Heavy Industry promises to provide assistance services to customers.    When it is necessary to provide assistance, we will ensure that the response within 1 hours .    And a variety of care services: including maintenance period reminder service, post-warranty investigation return visit service, opinion and suggestion collection return visit service, whole machine commissioning reminder service before operation, whole machine maintenance reminder service after operation, whole machine preservation technical support service during idle period, etc. .

KS履带式潜孔钻机系列基本参数信息 KS crawler type drill series basic parameter information
参数/型号 Parameters/Model 单位/Unit KS-168 KS-368 KS-669
使用信息/Use information
推荐孔径范围 Drilling diameter mm ø90~120 ø105~350 ø105~350
适用钻管规格 Drill rod diameter mm ø64/76×3000 ø76/89×3000 ø64/76/89×3000
适用冲击器规格 Applicable impactor specifications " 4"/5" 4"/5"/6"/7"/8"/9"/10" 3"/4"/5"/6"
最大钻孔深度 Maximum drilling depth m 36
液压回转马达头/Hydraulic rotary motor head
最快转速 Maximum speed Rpm 0-100 70 70
最大扭矩 Maximum torque Nm 3000 3680 3680
液压马达驱动的推进梁/Propulsion beam driven by cylinder
推进补偿 Propulsion compensation mm 1260 1260 1260
推进速度 Propulsion speed M/s 0.6 0.59 0.59
推进行程 Advance stroke mm 3200 3750 3750
推进力最大 Maximum propulsion Kn 12 12 12
拉拔力最大 Maximum drawing force Kn 18 30 30
总长 Total length mm 5060 6300 6300
行走速度 Walking speed km/h 3 3.5 3.5
履带架摆动缸角度 Track frame swing cylinder Angle ° ±10 ±12 ±13
底盘离地间隙 Chassis clearance from the ground mm 350 500 320
爬坡能力 Climbing ability ° 35 32 32
钻臂摆动角度 Swing Angle of drill arm ° 32+18 32+18 32+18
机载发动机/Airborne engine
额定功率 Rated power KW 62.5 73.5/75 73.5/75
柴油发动机 Diesel engine 玉柴发动机/Yuchai engine
运输尺寸/Transport size
Length mm 6300 6500 6500
Width mm 2200 2240 2310
Length mm 2600 2450 2450
重量 Machine weight KG 5800 7200 6800
基本配置(赠送) 常规工具1套、钻杆钳子2把、冲击器钳子1把、黄油枪1把、柴油格1个、机油格1个、油水分离器1个、空滤滤芯1套、钻杆架1对、钻杆定位套1个、空压机接头1个、发动机维修保养手册1本、吸尘胶皮1套、吸尘短管1条、防尘盖1个
Basic configuration (complimentary) 1 set of conventional tools, 2 drill pipe pliers, 1 impactor's pliers, 1 butter gun, 1 diesel cell, 1 oil cell, 1 oil-water separator, 1 set of air filter element, 1 pair of drill pipe holder, 1 drill pipe positioning sleeve, 1 air compressor joint, 1 engine maintenance manual, 1 set of vacuuming rubber, 1 vacuuming short pipe, 1 dust cover.




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